About Us

Hi there!

This is Bea, Patri and Cris, the three sisters behind Prado y Barrio.

We are from Madrid, Spain; We are two twin sisters and a little one. We are a graphic designer, a naval engineer, and a flight attendant, and we are so happy to have brought this adventure to life, it's been years in the making!!

Once upon a time...

It all started with a few very lovely dinner parties where everything -the food, the wine, the music, and specially the company!- was exquisite, everything but the table!! They clearly weren't carelessly prepared parties, there was just no interest in setting a table.

Bea realised she wanted to create table linen that would resonate with these friends, with young people. Something hip and cool, respectful with the environment and the workforce, something long lasting and made of excellent materials.  Something that would pass grandma's quality check, as well as her own. After all, we have grown up knowing that love and affection can be shown through attention to detail, that a celebration is always something to share, and that walking into a room where the table has been carefully dressed can be as warm as the tightest hug.

Making it all come true

And so Prado y Barrio was born, a brand that wants to shake the table linen industry. We want to rejuvenate tables, make them fresh, bold, and fun.

We set to find providers that could guarantee us the finest organic materials, workshops that were making a difference by empowering women at risk of social exclusion, and we invested in talent, partnering up with illustrators and developers that we trusted and admired. We have built this brand as a reflexion of our passions and our beliefs.

Our partners

In fact, we committed ourselves to translating those beliefs into real decisions: the table linen and napkins are made exclusively of organic cotton. The cotton thread is GOTS organic certified, and has been handcrafted and handled in Valencia, Spain, by Textiles Joyper.

The bag they come inside of is also made of 100% Spanish organic cotton, and we get them from Creating Bags, a company that only works with nationally sourced natural materials based in Elche, Spain.

We use stickers that are made of recycled materials in at least 80% of their composition, which we get from Impresum, a responsible family business based in Valencia, Spain.

We write our thank you cards in paper that is made from residual cotton, excess from the textile industry, and is full of tomato seeds. We get them from Sheedo, a Madrid based company.

We use eco paper, natural, recycled, and dyed with cocoa threads for our info cards. They're made by Exaprint, a creative printer company based in Barcelona, Spain.

And we ship our products using envelopes made of 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, made by RajaPack. 


The result: haute couture for your table. Table linen designed to make an impact. Table linen to look at, to enjoy, to use over and over again. Table linen to share.

A massive THANK YOU

Of course, we haven't done this alone! We have been showered with support from friends and family and even a couple strangers, and we could not have given one single step towards entrepreneurship without them. To all of you, THANK YOU! 

The following is a gorgeous list of support that has been organised by order of appearance and has no hierarchical meaning, every single one of you has been unique and pivotal.

Vicente García de Prado • Estrella Barrio • Carlos Nikas • Juan García de Prado & Paloma Díaz-Jares • María Gabeiras & César de Gregorio • Cristina & Almudena Rico • Paula Millán & Jorge Lencina • Esther Barrio • Carla & María A.B. • Rafael García de Prado & Myriam Rivier • Baltasar • Antonio Arcas • Juan García de Prado • Miguel Mena • Patricia Li Chen • Restaurante Arrabal • Tanvir & Una • Universo Terria • Tierra Única • Marta Salas • Haiqa Zaid • Javier Cuervo • Ramón Fisac • Pietro Zumaglini 


Beatriz García de Prado Barrio • 51099966S • Calle Cuevas de Almanzora 5, 1B, Madrid, España, 28033 • hello@pradoybarrio.com