Next level snacking

We bring to you four different options to make your afternoon snack the event of the day.



Merienda Clásica | Té con pastas

We kick off with the classic: tea & pastries.


Of course we couldn't just sit here and brew a normal tea: we are going for the organic, locally sourced, sustainable option, brought to you from Galicia with love: Orballo


And to calm down the munch monster, homemade pastries with chocolate covering. Watch out though, they are too bloody delicious! If you decide to ignore this wise reccomendation, go ahead and check out the super easy recipe on our Instagram.


To make it all look lovely, we've used our grandma's tea pot, and our Autumn napkin for that cosy effect.



This is the perfect option for a work-from-home afternoon snack, when you need something quick and healthy.


We've brewed some ginger, known for its antioxidant, diuretic and healing properties. It's the perfect brew to enrich your inmune system on a cold winter afternoon. 


It is as easy to prepare as peeling, and adding boiling water. Yeap. Depending on how strong you like it, leave it brewing for 5-10 min or add it straight to the pot and leave it to boil for at least 5 min.


The best company for this kind of tea are berries and nuts, they'll calm your pekish feeling but will allow you to keep on working afterwards. Perfect for any weekday.


You can add some honey to the brew, and it's actually the perfect addition if you're fighting a cold. We've recently known of the healing properties of Manuka Honey, it's a bit pricey but has anti-inflamatory properties, it's actually fascinating if you want to investigate!


We've set it up with a Toledo tea set we had around the house, onw of my faves actually. Plus it looks fab with our Winter napkin, a very original party of whites and blues.



If you've ever worked out in the afternoon you know you need a pick-me-up snack afterwards. It has to be something fresh, but filling enough to help you recover and hydrate.


Our detox option consists of a Kombucha tea: KomVida. We are over the moon to have found a brand with which we share so many of our values!! This drink is made in Extremadura, Spain, with organic ingredients and very high standards of quality and dedication. It's a natural soft drink, a perfect substitue for regular sodas, and way cooler too!


And nothing like a bowl of yoghurt, or chia pudding, with berries, banana, and sunflower seeds. If you spend 30 extra seconds laying out the fruit, it's the cutest thing you'll see all afternoon! 


And have you noticed how well it goes with our Summer napkin?



We finish up with the cheekiest of them all, perfect for lunches that have happily dragged on into the afternoon, or simply when a friend knocks on your door: a good old G&T with Empanadillas, a spanish national treasure!


For those of you unfamiliar with empanadillas, they are a little bundle of joy filled with (at our house at least!!) tuna and homemade tomato sauce, wrapped in a soft, savoury pastry, and made golden by a stroke of egg. Throw them in the oven for 20 min and get ready to cry with happinnes. If you are living away from Spain, look for your typical Spanish produce store and get yourself a packet of "obleas", they are not typically sold overseas! If you have any doubts regarding the recipe PLEASE head over to our IG and I will personally answer any and all, but you all must try this portion of heaven.


Moving on, a classic for drinkies: G&T. We had chosen a Cádiz gin for this segment which is not very well known, which has orange blossom in it (matching our Spring line) and is very affordable, Wint & Lila, but it turns out it is more popular thatn we expected and it was sold out!


Happily we were able to discover this gin from Tenerife, Macaronesia, made from volcanic water. Absolutely delicious combined with Indi, an organic tonic water. Drinking local and organic just makes you feel way better about life! And I bet the G&T helps too ;)


I have to admit, a good gin&tonic, a bunch of empanadillas, and some leftover homemade, chocolate covered pastries...


Are the absolute winner! :mujer_mano_en_la_cara:


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