Lush Summer Salads

Spring's lurking around the corner and this means one thing: we are getting ready to set our tables in gardens and balconies and terraces and roof tops and basically anywhere we can get a spot of sunshine!! We are coming out of the cave and so are our tables, and in full spring spirit, we have joined forces with Belén from @stay.homecooking to prepare some fresh, easy, and delicious salads. 

And what a lovely coincidence, they all look fab combined with our Summer table linen line ;)




We start off with a super easy Zuchini Carpaccio with Pesto and Burrata. 

You will need:


·Burrata cheese


·Pine nuts

·And pesto sauce, for which you will need:

·More pine nuts


·Parmesan cheese

·Olive oil


We peel the zuchini and we cut it in thin sheets with a peeler, we cut the tomato in cubes, roast some pine nuts, and we get the pesto ready -blend together basil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, olive oil, and salt.

Once we have our ingredients ready, we set this fresh salad laying the zuchini sheets first, adding then the burrata chese, and laying out the roasted pine nuts and pesto sauce on top to add that lovely colour and texture. Dress up with olive oil and salt, and enjoy.

We've set the salad plate on our Round Summer table linen set and I don't know about you guys but I feel like I'm by the seaside!



Moving on to our second fresh delicious salad of the day!

You will need:

·Roasted pumpkin

·Burrata cheese


·And a roasted nuts vinagrette, for which you will need:

·Roasted nuts, obviously

·Olive oil



Just as easy as laying out some roasted pumpking and adding a splash of our vinagrette to mix the flavours. On top, lay the burrata cheese, and give it all a splash of green with some fresh arugula. Finish it off dressing it with the gorgeous roasted nuts vinagrette and voila!

Not to brag but it looks fab with our Round Summer table linen set, the perfect choice for all your sunny shindigs!! :D



Yes, I know, looking at this masterpiece you are wondering, "Am I making a salad, or am I about to become Michael Angelo?"

Well, both actually, because this salad belongs in a musem!!!

To tap into the artist within you, you will need:


·Goat's cheese



·Lemon&Lime&Orange juices


·Olive oil, salt, & pepper


So, we cut up the beetroot in thin sheets, we roast the nuts, we chop the peppermint, and we get the goat's cheese ready cutting it up in cubes.

In a bowl, we mix olive oil, honey, chopped peppermint, roasted nuts, we add orange juice, lime juice and lemon juice, and we mix it all.

We lay out our beetroot sheets, we add the goat's cheese, and we dress it all with that delicious bowl of citrus twist we just made. 

Gorgeous to look at, gorgeous to eat up.

The plate is layed out on our Round Summer table linen set and we are honestly considering framing the results.





We finish up with a Rouccula & cherry tomato salad, for which you will need:


·Cherry tomato

·Parmesan cheese

·Honey Mustard sauce, we used the one from @salsasasturianas and it was scandalous

·Olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper

The easiest of our suggestions, just need to lay down the ingredients and dress them!! 

This salad is as delicious as it is quick to prepare, which makes it, yes, the least exotic, but probably the best option when you have last minute guests that didn't give you a couple hours to roast your ingredients ;)

The salad plate is laid on our Round Summer table linen set to give it that extra good weather look we are always looking for on our tables ;)


We had an absolut blast preparing these fresh delicious salads with Belén, you can check it out on our Instagram Stream!!

And we are so happy with how good they all look with our Summer table linen set, it was designed to bring out the fun and joy of the sunniest days and we feel we have succeeded!! 😎




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