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designer table linen

no more table linen that doesn’t represent us.

Prado y Barrio is an exclusive table linen brand that combines bold design, materials of the highest quality, and the affection that craftsmanship entails. Our production line is sustainable, ethical, and local. Prado y Barrio table linens are unique: they have been imagined as a tool to reignite the passion for a well-cared-for table. They were conceived to cover a need, after too many dinner parties where every dish was carefully prepared, every wine tastefully selected, but where there’s something missing. If we’ve all dressed up, why not the table? We are bringing you the fresh, elegant, original option you were missing. Dress your table in Haute Couture with Prado y Barrio.



fresh, bold designs, perfect for rejuvenating your table

Designs that are inspired in the Mediterranean way of life, thought for endless conversations over dessert. The collection travels through the yearly seasons exploring elements of the Spanish wildlife and culture, always framed inside the unmistakeable Prado y Barrio chevron. The table linens have been designed to create an impact from every angle. When you approach the table you'll notice the skirtings decorated with branches on every corner and the black and white border. As you walk over to the table and can have a good look at it, your eyes will be drawn to the middle of it, where the animals live, accompanied by a decorative central element. When you take your seat, you'll be able to admire the detail of the delicate print, each dedicated to its season.



only the best materials. 100% organic cotton.

The following is a list of all the materials used in the making of these table linens: Organic cotton. That’s it. What makes it organic? It’s grown without chemicals, nor toxic waste, and using 91% less water. The strands of the little ball, essentially a cloud of happy cotton, are basted to make soft, glorious cotton. It’ll then be printed and sewn and become table linen and napkins that will be wrapped in a soft bag of... yes, more happy cotton. And how do we know the cotton is happy? Well, we asked and got no response, but we trust our vendors as they are all GOTS certified. GOTS is the organic police of the textile industry. They guarantee that production is socially and environmentally responsible, throughout growth, recollection, and manufacturing.



designed, printed and manufactured in spain.

Quality, proximity, and warranty. We wholeheartedly believe that Spanish production is sublime. We are proud to benefit from it while contributing to enhancing it. Furthermore, by using local resources we are considerably reducing our carbon footprint. Yay! With all the workforce in Spain, we know that every person involved in the making of our product can count on the European social warranties. We are certain that the poorliest condition any of them are facing is dealing with the August Madrid heat. We are dealing with it too...Send help.



handcrafted with love in social-project workshops

We work exclusively with social workshops that empower people at risk of social exclusion by teaching them a trade and employing them. We like investing in a project that promotes individual dignity is a pet peeve of ours what can we say. The result is that each piece is impeccably finished with care and attention. We literally could not find better quality. Long-life to producing ethically!

for the sceptics

for the sceptics

That's great, we are very happy to collaborate. We offer a special price to business owners and recommended selling prices to your customers. Just drop us an email or contact us on Instagram, and we will continue talking business.

• Small: 6 - 8 pax | 160cm x 230cm | 5'24ft x 7'54ft  • Medium: 8 - 10 pax | 160cm x 265cm | 5'24ft x 8'69ft  • Large: 10 - 12 pax | 160cm x 300cm | 5'24ft x 9'84ft  • Round: 4 - 6 pax | 160 cm diameter | 5'24ft diameter • Square: 4 - 6 pax | 160cm x 160cm | 5'24ft x 5'24ft

Yes, you hear it well, we'll make it for you, round or straight. Tailor-made table linen. How cool is that?  Just drop us an email or contact us in Instagram, and we will help you out.

For Packing, we have chosen a super cute sachet, made in Spain out of 100% organic cotton. We hope you love it as much as we do and you use it often, reducing the consumption of single-use plastic items. For Shipping, we are working on providing a last-mile green choice. So far we didn’t find a company that offers us a global solución but are working towards it. If you have any tip in this regard let us know!

Yes you can! Actually is our favourite business model, it help reducing textile over-production. On-demand production allows the customer access to the same high quality and luxury design now available at a lower price.

Questions? Get in touch!!

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